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Please indulge us as We go back into the recent history of this industry. In the past, the image of the hotel limousine business was not viewed as a service with much significance. All of limousine services used vehicles of low standard and quality. Drivers did not meet the sufficient standards of hospitality and respectability and did not have uniforms, which clients would associate with a company or service. Administration and management also fell short of universal and international criteria. It was around those time that our president he was appointed Managing Director of The Oriental Taxi Service Company Limited, a company which provides limousine service to The Oriental Bangkok. With my experience and first-hand knowledge of many developed countries, he realized the need to revise and reform our business practices so as to better conform the standard universal expectations of quality and service. Specifically, he took actions to improve the vehicles used to service clients,upgrading vehicles to use Mercedes-Benz’s, starting the first time in 1989 , set up a driver’s quartered so that our drivers can wash-up and change into their uniforms in preparation to service the clients. And also organize an administration and management system an cooperated with our employees to make them aware of changes in the hotel, so that they are familiar with the general expectation of service of the hotel’s clients.


It is with great pride that the company has been granted the trust and confidence of the hotel, which has allowed to continue to be limousine service provider for The Oriental Bangkok to this day. We cannot deny the expansion and competition in the development of any new industry taking place in today’s rapidly growing world. I would thus like to join with other managers, who have the experience and potential to jointly establish The Oriental Trans and Car Service Company Limited. Our company would work to maintain the strength, stability, and integrity of management in the areas of investment and long-term planning, particularly training our employees, so as to continually improve our service and provide the smooth introduction an transition of new driver into our companies. It’s now a great pleasure for me and my management team to introduce our company, The Oriental Trans and Car Service Company Limited which is dedicated to providing cost efficient solutions to hotel and travel related in organization in marketing, sales and customer servicing. Our mission is to pursue the activities which add more value for our clients and meet their expectations. We shall strive to harmonize our own interests with those of our customers and society. The Oriental Trans and Car Service Company Limited was incorporated with fully paid up share capital of Baht 5 million. In spite of our young history, the company is branded by the experience of its individual who are veterans in hotel and tourism industries in Thailand and each having over 20 years of working experience.

Our Management

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He has more than 20 years experience to administration in limousine business at The Oriental Bangkok. He was the key person who has changed the image of limousine business society and to upgrade service as to match world wide reputation that The Oriental represents. He also is the owner of P.Ratchadayont Company Limited., an accredited body paint factory, before establishing The Oriental Trans and Car Service Company Limited.



personal experience

She worked as Manager of the prestigious The Foreign Correspondents Club of Thailand for more than 20 years. She also spent few years working as a coordinator for Center for Applied Linguistic before setting up her own business. She now manages The Oriental Trans and Car Service Company ,running limousine and tour operations for Le Bua at State Tower , The Ascott Sathorn, Bangkok and The Swissotel Le Concorde.


Panjaviali Song-Im
Managing Director

We have also established a sister company, P. Ratchadayont as a company that provides body paint service, repair and maintenance as to make sure that we will handle our services with no interruption or any inadequate number of vehicles.
We are thankful for all the support from our valued customers who we are committed to better serve with personal care
and attention as well as service quality.
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